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PRICING / ORDER (for orders starting after May 28th, 2024)

Esphera Guitars (Base price: Solid Colors)

6-string: $1,300

7-string: $1,400

8-string $1,500

FM Style Guitars (Base price: Solid Colors / Standard body) 

12-strings: $1,800 (6+6 setup) 

14-strings: $1,900 (7+7 or 8+6) 

16-strings: $1,950 (8+8 setup)

Esphera Basses (Base price: Solid Colors)

4-string: $1,400

5-string: $1,450

6-string $1,500

7-string: $1,550


FM Style Basses: FMB Model (Base price: Solid Colors / Standard body)

8-strings: $2,050 (4+4 setup) 

10-strings: $2,100 (5+5 setup) 

12-strings: $2,200 (6+6 setup) 


To order, email us at with a photo of the instrument you like or fill out the spec sheet below


Our current estimated build time is 4-10 months. This is an estimated time frame and the actual build time may be shorter or longer. If you need an instrument in an urgent matter, please let us know. 


We require a 50% deposit to start.


 General Features: (included)

-FM Guitars Signature Neck

-Multi-piece neck

-Carbon Fiber Rods 

-Tuners: Hipshot / FM Guitar Tuners (Black)

-Stainless Steel Frets 

-Pickups: FM Guitars Signature

-Construction: Bolt-on

-Controls: Individual Volumen knobs and pickup selectors. 

-Ernie Ball Strings




Spec sheet: You can either send us a photo of the instrument you want or fill out this spec sheet:


FM Guitars Spec Sheet

Model: ? (Standard FM, FMS, FMT, Esphera, FMB, FMBC) 

String Setup: ? (12, 14 or 16 for guitars) or (8, 10, 12 for basses)

Color: ? (any solid color) 

Body: ? (Basswood, alder or mahagony) 

Fretboards: Ebony 

Finish: Satin 

Orientation: (Right-handed or Left-handed) 


Extras: (add $ to base price) 

-Tops: +$150 Quilted maple, flame maple, spalted maple, ash or burl maple.

-Models FMT, FMS, FMBC: +$100 (pickguards available: pearl, white or black) 

-Multiscale: +$150 (fanned frets) 

-Gloss Finish: +$100

-Jatoba Fretboard: +$100 (orange/brown colored fretboards) 

-Colored tuners: +$250 (chrome or gold) 

-HSH or HSS: +$100

-White pickups: +$50

-Exotic / Custom inlays: $250-750 

-Relic: free

-Sparkles/Metallic: +$250 (no top required) 

-Leds: +$400 (Green, blue, red, white, yellow or pink)

-Tremolo for single fretboard guitars: +$400

-Tremolo for double fretboard guitars (on the lower fretboard): +$500

-Prints: +150-$300 (depending on the design) 

-3rd party pickups: Fishman / Bare knuckle / Lundgren / EMG pickups: +300-$500 (depending on the model)

-9+7 Setup on the 16 string: +$150

-Two outputs: +$50

-18 strings, fretless or other customization: email us. 

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