Base price:

Guitars: (Models: FM, FMT, FMS)

12-strings: $1500

14-strings: $1500

16-strings: $1500


Basses: (FMB) 

8-strings: $1600

10-strings: $1600

12-strings: $1600

We need a 50% deposit to start.

We take about 3 months (more / less) to build an instrument.

Email us to get started:

We currently have a waiting list, let us know if you are interested and we'll email you when we are ready to start. 


Available options (Free)


Note: if you don’t have any knowledge about the information below, just tell us the model, color and the number of strings you want we’ll choose the rest for you. You can also send us a picture of a guitar you like we’ll use the similar colors.

Body Tops: quilted maple, flame maple, spalted maple, burl maple and bird's eye maple.

Fretboards: Ebony or jatoba.

Neck: maple or mahogany.

Body: basswood, mahogany and alder.

Finishes: gloss or satin.

Colors: any color is possible. (send photo for reference) 

Pickguard colors: (for FMT and FMS) white, black, white pearl and red tortoise.


You can also fill out this form to make everything faster:

Model: (FM, FMT, FMS, FMB)

String setup: (12, 14 or 16) (or 8, 10, 12 for bass)



Scale: (it can also be multiscale)

Chambered: Yes / No.

Pickguard:  (FMS / FMT only)



Logos: Yes/No

Orientation: (Right-handed or Left handed)


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