12-strings: $1700 (6+6 setup) 


14-strings: $1800 (7+7 setup)

14-strings: $1800 (8+6 setup)

16-strings: $1850 (8+8 setup)

16-strings: $2100 (9+7 setup)

Basses: (FMB) 

8-strings: $1750

10-strings: $1800

12-strings: $1900

Our current estimated build time is 4-6 months. This is an estimated time frame and the actual build time may be shorter or longer.

We require a 50% deposit to start.

We are sold out of guitar in stock, so this is the only way to get things started. You can also join the newsletters to be notified when we have guitars in stock.


 General Features: (updated on July 1st)

-FM Guitars Signature Neck

-Hipshot Tuners (Headless Solo™ Guitar Bridge in black)

-Multi-piece neck. 

-Carbon Fiber Rods 

-Stainless Steel Frets (Jumbo) 

-Pickups: FM Guitars Signature

-Construction: Bolt-on

-Controls: Individual Volumen knobs and pickup selectors. 

-Ernie Ball Strings



Spec sheet:

We need this from you. You can also tell us the number of strings, color ideas and we'll decide everything else for you. All of these options are free. 

Model: (FM, FMT, FMS, FMB)

String setup: (12, 14 or 16) (or 8, 10, 12 for bass)

Top: Quilted maple, flame maple, spalted maple and burl maple. You can also choose a solid color.


Scale: single or multiscale. 

Chambered: Yes / No.

Body: basswood, mahogany or alder.

Pickguard: (FMS / FMT only) 

Finish: Satin or Gloss.

Fretboards: Ebony or Jatoba.

Logos: Yes/No

Orientation: (Right-handed or Left-handed)





These prices are over the "base" price. They are not necessary, but if you would like we can add them to your order. 


Adds on:

Tuners in different colors (red, blue, chrome, gold, yellow) +$200 

Relic / Vintage: +$250

Sparkle top/body: +$50 

White FM Pickups: +$50

HSS or HSH pickup setup: +$50

Tap coil switch +$50

Kill switch for upper fretboard +$50

Gold Hipshot tuners +$160

Hipshot Headpieces +$190

Hipshot Headpieces in gold +$230


Bareknuckle, Fishman, Seymour Duncan and Lundgren pickups:

$350-550 (depending on the model and string number)



-14 strings setups can be 7+7 or 8+6.


-16-string setups can be 8+8 or 9+7.

-The 16-string with a 9+7 setup already includes either the hipshot headpieces or the tan bridges headpieces.


-The guitars and basses come with our pickups. They are designed by us and are specialized for tapping and distortion. You can check samples on the video section on our website. For an extra charge, we can use Bareknuckle, Fishman, Lundgren and Seymour Duncan pickups.


-The base price for guitars and basses now include Hipshot Tuners.

-We can also use nickel instead of stainless steel frets.