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We use our own pickups on most of our instruments. These are designed by Felix Martin and the FM Guitar team. If you would like to hear our pickups, please check out the "Guitar Videos" and "Bass Videos" sections on our website (90% of those instruments are using our pickups) 


They are mid to high gain pickups so it works for all styles of music and techniques. From full distortion to well-rounded cleans. Our goal is to have a fat, natural and well rounded voice using ceramic magnets.


We use humbuckers and single coils for guitars. For basses, we use soap bars, Jazz, PJ and MM style pickups.


If you wish you pickups to have a different type of output or magnet, let us know. 


We can also use pickups from our friends at Fishman, EMG, Bare Knuckle, Seymour Duncan, Lundgren, etc for an extra charge (tipically around $200-$600)  

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