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FM Guitars is excited to announce the Esphera. An ergonomic, lightweight, and amazing sounding guitar for any style of music and playing. It comes in 6, 7, 8, and 9-strings, as well FM Guitar style 12, 14, and 16-strings. 


The body was inspired by shapes such as circles, teardrops, and curves that fit perfectly with the human body and several playing positions, like regular horizontal, classical and upright playing.


It weighs around 5-6 pounds, making it lighter than most guitars on the market. It can even be held by the handle while playing, for maximum flexibility in any playing position. 


Esphera features a “Guitar Handle” that was meticulously designed to fit in the palm of your hand, making the guitar lighter and easy to carry.


The bottom area of the guitar features curves that allow you to play in the “classical” position comfortably, as well as pretty much any position available. 


The Bevel shape was inspired by a teardrop, improving comfort when playing the traditional way and in tapping positions.  


The cable cover (which is a circular shape) protects the cable from outside sources, making it safer for live situations.


The Lower horn design allows access to the higher frets seamlessly, and balances the guitar perfectly in any position.


Our neck profile is thin and strong, allowing you to play any technique without compromise. We don't like to add extra wood where it's not necessary. 


 General Features:

-FM Guitars Signature Neck (similar to Slim D)

-Carbon Fiber Rods 

-Tuners: Hipshot / Tan Bridges 

-Stainless Steel Frets

-Pickups: FM Guitars Signature

-Construction: Bolt-on

-Controls: Individual Volumen knobs and pickups selectors.  

-Ernie Ball Strings. 

-Multi-piece neck

-Guitar Handle

-Neck wood: Maple and mahogany. 

-Body wood: Alder, Basswood or Ash. 

For options and pricing, refer to the PRICING/ORDER section.

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