Musical Concept / Lessons (always under construction) 

Musical Concept: 


This is a system to play two guitars as one. 


In other words, it's like playing a new type of guitar when you play two of them simultaneously.


We have been working on creating a completely new instrument and it's own system of techniques.


Remember that you can still play like a regular guitar, but now you have all of these new options.


This is something that will always be under construction, since there are so many techniques / shapes / possibilities for these guitars.


We are in the process of publishing a complete new system with books, chord guides, etc. In the meanwhile, you can start exploring these concepts. Thanks for reading! Felix. 

_________Players Lessons:

Harmonics - Andy B.

Lesson: Simple Lead + String Skipping Rythm Arpeggios - Nicolas Martin  

Lesson: Simple Lead + Stair Pattern Rythm Arpeggios - Nicolas Martin 




There are endless possibilities for chords on these guitars. The most common ones are the following:


-8 Finger Chords Etude #1  (performance) (concept explanation)


-8-finger chords: These are a series of 8 Finger chords and many variations. (TEOT project 2016) 


-8 Finger Chords #2  (Quick Concepts) 


-Five Finger Chords  


-Polychords piece: TEOT 


-Chords ideas TEOT Nintendo 


-Chords ideas: Mechanical Nations 


-Double Triads: Canaima (Play-th) 


-Chords: Cardboard Roof (Play-th) 


-Chord ideas: September 42 


-Open triad + Open triad octaves (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + Octave (quick tips) 


-Double power chords (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + 6th interval (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + open triad from 5ths Canaima song (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + Open triad from fifth (quick tips) 


-Double octaves ex1 (quick tips) 


-Double 5ths (quick tips)


-7th chords and arpeggios (Quick Concept) 


_________________Drumming / Percussion


Drumming #1 


Drum groove inspired: Jared Collab. 


Metal Percussion: Drum bath TEOT 


Percussive lines: Gangster Prog 


Percussion Study: Teot 




  __________________    -Chord melody


Chord soloing Zelda's lullaby (quick explanation) 


Hobbits Chord soloing (quick explanation) 


Chord soloing Greensleves (quick explanation) 


Chord Melody: When the Party's over. 


Chord Melody ideas: Grey Zuliana 


Chord Melody: It the movie 


Chord soloing: easy song: 


Chord Melody: "The Christmas song"  



 ________Arpeggios (shred)


Shred Arpeggios Triad #1 (Lesson) 


Shred Arpeggios Triad #2 (Lesson) 


7th Arpeggios (Music Video)  


Triads (Music Video) 



_______________________Shred Ideas / Scales / Arpeggios


Shred idea Triangle Tune (Music Video) 


Shred idea: High Spirit (Music Video) 


Shred idea Two Arpeggios for scale: (Music Video -Teot) 


Scales using two arpeggios (concept explanation) 


Shred Arpeggios diminished (concept explanation) 


Shred Arpeggios progression (concept explanation) 


shred with 8 finger chords (concept explanation) 


shred Octaves 5th (concept explanation) 


shred with 8 finger chords (concept explanation) 


Shred Arpeggios 7th (concept explanation) 


Pentatonic Ideas (concept explanation) 






Harmony lines in 6ths (quick tips) 


Octave lines (quick tips) 



       ________Miscellaneous ideas 


Chords as power-chords (Flashback Music Video) 


Chords, Lines: Robot Devil (Music Video -Teot) 


Harmonize Scales Metallica style: (Music Video -Teot) 


Donna Lee: 





Chromatic Exersize 



______________Power Chords


Power Chords / Metal ideas: Avila 



___________ Vocalist ideas:



Jessie Reyes - Love in the Dark 


Billie Eilish - When the party's over 


Sabrina Claudio - Frozen 


Billie Eilish - I love you