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Output Jack Options

For those of you who don't understand what a TS (mono) and TRS (stereo) outputs / cables are, this is for you.  


There are 3 options for jacks / output for the FM Guitars. 


1 - One Mono Jack:

Just like a regular guitar, where you can use a normal guitar cable. Both fretboards will be mixed into one signal. 


2 - One TRS Jack: 

The jack is in stereo, meaning that you would be able to manipulate each fretboard individually (having different effects on each fretboard, etc) You will also get more output per fretboard (for those of you who like high gain output and heavy distortion) since the signals are not being mixed into one, you will get more output.


Best places to buy these different adapters or cables will be Kirlin Cables, Sweetwater, Amazon, Google, etc.



If you want to use the guitar with a regular guitar cable, check these out (or similar brands/styles)


Hosa GPP-419 1/4-inch TS Female to 1/4-inch TRS Male Adapter


Hosa DOC-106 1/4" Male TRS to 1/4" Female TS Insert Direct-Out Adapter


TRS to Dual mono (Y Cable)

You can send the dual signals to your interface, two pedal chains, two amps or pedalboard like Helix, Axe-FX, Quad Cortex, etc where you can mix both signals or manipulate each individually. 


Kirlin Y-336PR, 1/4" TRS Plug- 2x 1/4" Mono Plug, Y-Patch Cable 

Kirlin LGY-336, LightGear Y-Cable


Pro Co PARKER15 Magnetic/Piezo Guitar Y-Cable - 15 foot 


Hosa STP-202 Insert Cable - 1/4 inch TRS Male to Dual 1/4 inch TS Male - 6 foot


Roland Black Series 1/4" TRS(Male)-Dual 1/4" Interconnect Cable 10 ft. Black

TRS to TRS Cables


Kirlin AP-209, 1/4" Stereo Patch Cable

Ernie Ball P06408 Flat Ribbon Stereo Right Angle to Right Angle Patch Cable - 6-inch, Black 


Monoprice Premier Series 1/4 Inch (TRS) Male to Male Cable Cord - 6 Feet- Black 16AWG (Gold Plated) 

Hosa GPP-290 1/4 inch TRS Female to 1/4 inch TS Male Adapter (to be used with a TRS to TRS cable) 

3- Two Mono jacks: 

Two jacks, each per fretboard. Exactly like having two instruments. You can use two normal guitar cables. You will also get high output from the guitars this way. 



Extra notes: 

-All models have the same quality of signal and tone. TRS option has a bit more output for those of you who likes high gain tones. 

-Mono Jack is the most common option for our guitars. 

-If you want to change from Mono Jack to TRS (stereo) jack, you can take it to a local guitar tech, you would need something like the "Switchcraft L12B 1/4" TRS Panel-Mount Jack". The Installation is very simple. 

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