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Available for: 

6, 7, 8 and 9-strings. 

12, 14, 16-strings.

Basses are also available.


We would like to welcome our new model. An ergonomic, lightweight and amazing sounding guitar for any style of music and playing. 


The body was inspired in circles, teardrops and curves that fit perfectly with the human body and several playing positions, like regular horizontal, classical and upright. 


It weights around 4-5 pounds. Making it lighter than a Strandberg, Parker Fly, Kiesel headless, etc. It can even be held by the hands while playing, for maximum flexibility in playing positions. 


Our “Guitar Handle” shape was designed meticulously to fit perfectly in the palm of your hand to easy carry the guitar and to cut weight of the guitar. 


The botton part of the guitar allows you to play in the “classical” position comfortably.


The Bevel shape was inspired in a teardrop, improving comfort when playing normal and tapping positions.  


The cable cover protects the cable from ouside sources, making it safer for live situations. 


Lower horn design allows access seamlessly to the highter frets.  


Our neck profile is thin, flat and strong, allowing to play any technique without compromise. 


Our unique 6 small screws setup holds the neck in a precise way. 


 General Features:

-FM Guitars Signature Neck

-Multi-piece neck

-Carbon Fiber Rods 

-Tuners: Hipshot / Tan Bridges 

-Stainless Steel Frets

-Pickups: FM Guitars Signature

-Construction: Bolt-on

-Controls: Individual Volumen knobs and pickups selectors.  

-Ernie Ball Strings. 

-Body wood: Alder, Basswood and Ash. 

-Neck wood: Maple and mahogany. 

Free options:


Top: Quilted maple, flame maple, spalted maple and burl maple. You can also choose a solid color, sparkles or relic. 

Scale: single or multiscale. 

Finish: Satin or Gloss.

Fretboards: Ebony or Jatoba.

Orientation: (Right-handed or Left-handed)


Tuner colors: black, gold, red, blue, silver, purple. 


Extra options: 

We can use the following pickups with a small discount: EMG, Fishman and  Lundgren. Or pretty much any other company. 


For color/options samples, refer to: 

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