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Welcome to FM Guitars!


Your home for ergonomic guitars and basses!


We make single fretboard guitars, as well as double fretboard 12, 14, and 16-string Guitars and Basses that are for any "standard technique" players who also want to extend their tapping/fingerstyle techniques.


Having two identical fretboards opens up thousands of new possibilities for chords, chord-melody, double melody, power chords, shred/leads ideas, and all kinds of other techniques! In other words, it's an extension of the electric guitar, simulating two instruments as one.


Our Esphera model comes as a single fretboard guitar as well.  


We are located in Los Angeles, California.


Contact us to order:

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Brev Sullivan

FM Guitars are simply beyond. They are a gateway to creating your most infinite and inspiring musical compositions. I’ve always wanted to learn to play a tapping guitar but there weren’t many options avaible. When I received my FMS-12 string just a few short days later,  I was up and running tapping complex patterns, exotic chords and melodys with its conventional tuning. 
sebastianside fm guitars1.JPG


I can say that these are the best stock pickups I've tried on a guitar. I find myself picking up the guitar very frequently solely because I enjoy how responsive/sensitive the pickups are to fast picking. 

Love the sound, plus it's very lightweight!  

unai iglesias fm guitars-2.jpg

Unai Iglesias

A whole new world available. When I firstly saw FM guitars, I imagined what it would be like to play with them and the number of new techniques and harmonies available. Now as an FM artist I couldn't be more delighted with the inspiration it generates to me every time I play it. I’ve always loved the tapping style, and that’s the FM guitars territory. 
fm guitars-44.jpg
fm guitars-34.jpg

Brad Williamson

FM guitars has enabled me to do things that I didn’t even know were possible on bass. Felix has taken the design of a double neck bass and perfected it for optimal playability and accessibility. If you’re a bassist looking to challenge yourself and vastly expand your sound palate, look no further than FM guitars!  

Daniel Shields

"These instruments open a world of possibilities. From tapping melodies while holding out chords to playing harmonies together with both hands, FM Guitars unlock pure inspiration." 

fm guitars-11 copy.jpg

Israel Romero

Playing a FM Esphera guitar became an open road for the number of tones that you can get with this instrument. They’re are truly guitars from the future.
fm guitars-44.jpg
shane caskey

Shane Caskey

FM Guitars, showed up in a seriously good time for me, the idea of being able to play two guitars at once was only a dream. When mine arrived musical avenues had become available that I could not portray before. Truly top notch work, and I am grateful for all that comes from having mine! 

fm guitars-17.jpg

Alex Wakefield

I’ve been playing guitar with tapping elements intertwined to my playing for a very long time. After receiving my fm 16 string guitar it has unlocked a whole new world of possibilities everything that seemed impossible on a single fretboard was out the door. A superb tool that comes with endless amounts of inspiration. 

felix martin-27.jpg

Felix Martin

FM Guitars is not only a instrument brand, but also a family of artists that help each other with our music careers and push our music boundaries. Everybody is welcome, whether you play normal 6-string guitar, 5-string bass or FM Guitar style tapping. The instruments are made by artists, for artists! 


Owner / CEO 

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