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Yas Nomura

Jose Macario

Challenge The Living

Joan Torres

Kello Gonzalez

Ryan Buck 

Nathan Navarro

Rodrigo Pagavino

Pedro De La Cruz

Yemar Misael

Andy Barthez


Javier Sepulveda

Nicolas A. Martin 

Eric Souza

Kio Ohkawa

Felix Martin

Here you'll find players of all musical styles, countries and backgrounds! We want you all to experiment with new musical concepts using our guitars. A lot more artists to come! 


Everyone is welcome here, even if you are an artist with endorsements! We make an unique/different style of guitars, so we don't serve as competition for other brands.


We are making guitars for big artists. Can't wait for you guys to see! 


Current number of players: 50 (Let's increase that number!)

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