Musical Concept (always under construction) 

Musical Concept: 


This is a system to play two guitars as one. 


In other words, it's like playing a new type of guitar when you play two of them simultaneously.


We have been working on creating a completely new instrument and it's own system of techniques.


Remember that you can still play like a regular guitar, but now you have all of these new options.


This is something that will always be under construction, since there are so many techniques / shapes / possibilities for these guitars.


We are in the process of publishing a complete new system with books, chord guides, etc. In the meanwhile, you can start exploring these concepts. Thanks for reading! Felix. 




There are endless possibilities for chords on these guitars. The most common ones are the following:


-8 Finger Chords Etude #1  (performance) (concept explanation)


-8-finger chords: These are a series of 8 Finger chords and many variations. (TEOT project 2016) 


-8 Finger Chords #2  (Quick Concepts) 


-Five Finger Chords  


-Polychords piece: TEOT 


-Chords ideas TEOT Nintendo 


-Chords ideas: Mechanical Nations 


-Double Triads: Canaima (Play-th) 


-Chords: Cardboard Roof (Play-th) 


-Chord ideas: September 42 


-Open triad + Open triad octaves (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + Octave (quick tips) 


-Double power chords (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + 6th interval (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + open triad from 5ths Canaima song (quick tips) 


-Open Triad + Open triad from fifth (quick tips) 


-Double octaves ex1 (quick tips) 


-Double 5ths (quick tips)


-7th chords and arpeggios (Quick Concept) 


_________________Drumming / Percussion


Drumming #1 


Drum groove inspired: Jared Collab. 


Metal Percussion: Drum bath TEOT 


Percussive lines: Gangster Prog 


Percussion Study: Teot 




  __________________    -Chord melody


Chord soloing Zelda's lullaby (quick explanation) 


Hobbits Chord soloing (quick explanation) 


Chord soloing Greensleves (quick explanation) 


Chord Melody: When the Party's over. 


Chord Melody ideas: Grey Zuliana 


Chord Melody: It the movie 


Chord soloing: easy song: 


Chord Melody: "The Christmas song"  



 ________Arpeggios (shred)


Shred Arpeggios Triad #1 (Lesson) 


Shred Arpeggios Triad #2 (Lesson) 


7th Arpeggios (Music Video)  


Triads (Music Video) 



_______________________Shred Ideas / Scales / Arpeggios


Shred idea Triangle Tune (Music Video) 


Shred idea: High Spirit (Music Video) 


Shred idea Two Arpeggios for scale: (Music Video -Teot) 


Scales using two arpeggios (concept explanation) 


Shred Arpeggios diminished (concept explanation) 


Shred Arpeggios progression (concept explanation) 


shred with 8 finger chords (concept explanation) 


shred Octaves 5th (concept explanation) 


shred with 8 finger chords (concept explanation) 


Shred Arpeggios 7th (concept explanation) 


Pentatonic Ideas (concept explanation) 






Harmony lines in 6ths (quick tips) 


Octave lines (quick tips) 



       ________Miscellaneous ideas 


Chords as power-chords (Flashback Music Video) 


Chords, Lines: Robot Devil (Music Video -Teot) 


Harmonize Scales Metallica style: (Music Video -Teot) 


Donna Lee: 





Chromatic Exersize 



______________Power Chords


Power Chords / Metal ideas: Avila 



___________ Vocalist ideas:



Jessie Reyes - Love in the Dark 


Billie Eilish - When the party's over 


Sabrina Claudio - Frozen 


Billie Eilish - I love you