Musical Concept





This is a system to play two guitars as one.


We are in the process of publishing a complete new system. 


In the meanwhile, you can find examples here:




            Quick tips:


Open triad + Open triad octaves 


Open Triad + Octave 


Double power chords 


Chord melody example Lord of the Rings Hobbit song 


Harmony lines in 6ths 


Octave lines 


Double 5ths


Open Triad + 6th interval 


Open Triad + open triad from 5ths Canaima song 


Open Triad + Open triad from fifth 


Double octaves ex1 






8-finger chords: TEOT 


Polychords piece: TEOT 


Chords ideas TEOT Nintendo 


Arpeggiated chord ideas: Zelda's fairy:    


Chords ideas: Mechanical Nations 


Chords: Canaima 


Chords: Cardboard Roof 


Chord ideas: September 42 




        -Chord melody


Chord Melody: When the Party's over. 


Chord Melody ideas: Grey Zuliana 


Chord Melody: It the movie 


Chord soloing: easy song: 




        -Power Chords


Power Chords / Metal ideas: Avila 





Drum groove inspired: Jared Collab. 


Metal Percussion: Drum bath TEOT 


Percussive lines: Gangster Prog 


Percussion Study: Teot 




        -Arpeggios (shred) 


7th Arpeggios  





        -Miscellaneous ideas 

Shred idea Triangle Tune 


Shred idea: High Spirit 


Chord Melody: "The Christmas song" 


Chords as powerchords (Flashback) 


Chords, Lines: Robot Devil 


Five Finger Chords 


Shred idea: Teot 


Harmonize: Teot 


Donna Lee: 

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