FM12: two 6-strings in one neck.

FM14: two 7-strings in one neck.

FM16: two 8-strings in one neck.

FMT-12, FMT-14, FMT-16: Tele inspired.

FMS-12, FMS-14, FMS-16: Strat inspired. 

FMB-12, FMB-14, FMB-16: Bass. 

The main body is the FM16 style (as you can see on the photo section) but we are also making bodies inspired on Tele, Strat, ES-335 and ES-175.

FM12 - FM 14 - FM16

FM Classic.png

FMT 12 - FMT 14 - FMT16

FMS 12 - FMS 14 - FMS16

FM Deluxe.png

Other Experiments:

FMV - FMJazzMetal - FM335

other experiments.png